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Record your vinyl with the Majik of Klimax (so Akurate!)


If you want to save your analogue collection as files and own a Linn DSM, you are in a right place. It doesn't matter if it is Sondek LP12, Nakamichi Dragon or maybe reel-to-reel Nagra you want to archive -- as long as you have it connected to a Linn DSM (or DS-I) you are ready to go.

Songcorder records Songcast stream that Linn DSM uses for multi-room synchronization. In case of Linn Majik DS-I/DSM the streams are 96kHz/24bit. For Akurate and Klimax streams are 192kHz/24bit. Things may be different with Exakt devices.

You can use different output name rather than the default audio.wav by specifying -f front_242 (the extension is deduced). Spaces and other special characters are not allowed at the moment.

You can convert straight to FLAC by specifying -F in the command line (this might be in addition to the previous switch). On Mac this means you need to install SoX with FLAC support. Check the User's Guide below.


Make sure you are using wired Ethernet connection between your Linn DSM and the machine you want to run Songcorder on. Wi-Fi might work, but may result in poorer quality due to missing packets. Consider yourself warned.

Download Songcorder and unpack the archive. Meanwhile, select an input on your Linn DSM that you wish to record from. Run songcorder and wait for the questions. First, you need to select the network interface your Linn DSM can be reached at. Hopefully, you will only see one interface so pressing 1 should suffice. Wait for a moment until Songcorder finds Linn devices on the network. Next, you need to select a DSM device you want to record from. Again, if you only have one such device, press 1. After 3 seconds recording should start. Spin the vinyl, press play or start singing to the Mic. Songcorder will save it to your disk.

To stop recording press q. Wait for some time for Songcorder to convert the raw stream to a WAV file. You should find it in the same directory named (unsurprisingly) audio.wav.

Warning: depending on source quality recording is limited to a maximum of 2-4h. Longer recordings are currently unsupported.


Bugs, feature requests, comments

Right now, this project is not even alpha quality. It should not scare your cat or raid your fridge, but I cannot guarantee any of it. Run it at your own risk and let me know if it misbehaves. I will have a talk with it then...

You can use Issue Tracker to file any bugs, feature requests and so on. I will be very grateful for the feedback I receive.

Shoulders of the Giants

This project makes use of available Open Source technology, mainly from OpenHome and SoX.


First of all please consult the Songcast Guide.

If you experience problems with connection drops, consult the following checklist:


Just me, for now, DoomHammer. Drop me a line if you like.


Tips welcome

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